"Zuwadeh – Serving Plates & Lunch Box" by Alef Studio

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Part of “Beirut Tribute” Collection honoring Lebanese traditions and forgotten days .

An emotional item inspired by “zuwadeh” which is what farmers used to carry with them during long days of harvest. This lunch box  triggers memories and feelings of nostalgia for people and times that are long gone.

Zuwadeh is a simple unique way to store , serve and carry dry snacks.

YEAR OF DESIGN   2019 – Beirut Design Fair

ITEM SIZE   3 plates 13cm x 20 cm x 35cm – compartment size 10cm x 8 cm

2 plates 18cm x 20 cm x 30cm - compartment size 16cm x 8 cm

ITEM COLOR   Black Painted steel, lacquered wood and Rattan

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