Starter Pack Toothbrush

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Banales toothbrush and paste set is perfect for the on the go lifestyle. A toothpaste mini pump is integrated into the body. No need to open and squeeze a toothpaste tube. Just push the button of the mini pump directly on the bristles. The replaceable toothbrush locks in place during use and neatly stores away inside for a perfectly clean brush. Ultra compact and uber cool this is a must have travel essential for holidays, festivals, business travel and those spontaneous trips.

Color of bristles may vary

Available in different colors for every family member
Replaceable brush and paste
Each mini pump contains up to 50 applications of high quality mint toothpaste
The refill paste cartridges utilizes airless technology to prevent drying out and clumping.The toothbrush with refillable built-in toothpaste and interchangeable bristles. Compact when closed, standard sized once opened. It's flight approved.

Open: 9cm x 4cm x 4cm (A x L x P). Close: 16.2cm x 4cm x 4cm. Weight: 48gr.

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