Sculptural porcelain vase "Oh Baby Hold Me Tight" (medium) by Virmary

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Sculptural porcelain vase.

This handmade decorative ceramic vessel is created with high quality porcelain locally sourced around Barcelona. High-fired at 1250 degrees Celsius, 100% water resistant.

I slowly build them entirely by hand, using coils - an ancient traditional pottery technique. To then patiently sculpt each hand and each finger that gently embraces the shape.  The form of this ornamental vase brings sweet memories of touch, the warmth of tactile connectedness.

Oh Baby Hold Me Tight vases are unique, one of a kind design pieces. They might slightly vary in size and shape, due to the nature of handmade artisanal processes.


ITEM SIZE 14x14x22 cm

ITEM COLOR Cobalt Blue

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