Ring " STAR " by Nada Ghazal

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‘Blat Beirut’ translates to English as ‘Tiles of Beirut’ and mimics the gorgeous designs on tiles that grace period homes found in the city.

Through these designs, Nada Ghazal, the designer depicts winter days when the rain and cold forced her and her sisters to stay indoors. She used the time to play hopscotch across the tiles. “The designs on those tiles are forever engraved in my memory and now I’ve imprinted them on rings.” Nada Ghazal

’Blat Beirut’ features various patterns including flowers, hearts, stars, and geometric shapes. The collection comes in 18k yellow, white or pink gold with a tile design imprinted on enamel and adorned with diamonds, and precious stones.

The current piece is a special edition piece created for the Smallville Hotel.



ITEM SIZE: 17.5X17.5mm


FINGER SIZE: 52.5 (Can be ordered from size 45 to 58)


ITEM COLOR: 18K gold with ~0.55CT of Champagne Diamond, Pink and Red Enamel

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