Lamp/One Marble Revamp 01 by FORMAMINIMA

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Item Name: Lamp/One Marble Revamp 01

The Italian marble “Palissandro blu nuvolato” is characterised by a soft light blue background, crossed by mineral shimmering veins, from grey to light-brown or beige nuance,  almost resembling a fistful of stars in the night sky. Part of the artistic and architectural heritage of its original Territory, such as the Duomo Cathedral of Milan, in Italy, this precious marble is here carefully handcrafted to complete the body lamp, adding an elegant touch to the suspension. A crystal shade, hosting extra thin geometries of Limoges porcelain, provides unforeseen plays of lights, casting a warm downlight into the surrounding. Part of “Revamp Edition” this eclectic lighting represents a wonderful statement piece, merging functionality and an innovative aesthetic.


ITEM SIZE body lamp: 170 x 50 x 50mm, textile cable adjustable (standard lenght 2m) ceiling rose: 50 x 50 x 50 mm

ITEM COLOR body lamp blue, ceiling rose bronze

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