"Ghaseel" by Sarah Richani

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Worked with mixed media combing gauche, acrylics, colored pencils, and markers on cardboard. The painting includes a frame which is customized uniquely for the painting using color and Arabic song lyrics. This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity.
This painting is part of the series “Bayti”. (the Arabic word for home). In this painting Sarah portrays the charming scene of vibrant laundry that we see hung on the balconies of Lebanon.
Her paintings from this series capture the authentic character of chaotic streets, local shops, old buildings, hanging laundry, cluttered balconies and the electric wires that span almost every corner. She shows Lebanon how locals identify with. Her aim is not to display famous places or beautiful sceneries, but rather to show the hidden charm of ordinary places that remain unnoticed, and people pass by every day. She paints these scenes the way they really are without polishing rough patches.

Year of design : 2019
Item size : 54 x 64 cm with frame
Item color Medium: mixed media (gouache paint, colored pencils, markers, and acrylic paint on cardboard)

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